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“How can I get rid of all these pet stains and odors?”

There are a million products that claim to get your pet’s stains removed from your carpet or get that urine smell gone.  The answer is not in a single product but in a combination of things. You need the correct product, the right equipment and a thorough understanding of how all these things work in relation to your pet odor and stain problems.

Why bother with a DIY product when you can have America’s Finest Carpet Cleaning to do it for you?  We have over a 20 years experience with pet stain and odor removal. Not only can we do the job right but we can do it for less than anyone else in Wichita Falls or the surrounding area.

Stain removal products can be costly and the chemicals used can be harmful to the environment and your family.  Our chemicals are safe for all children and pets and won’t cause damage to the ecosystem.

America’s Finest Carpet Cleaning specializes in pet stains removal and eliminating pet odor out of carpets. Pet odor and stains require special treatment, involving deep cleaning of the underlying carpet padding, and fabrics. The age of the stains will determine the procedures we use to remove the pet stains and odor. Older stains are generally more difficult to remove, but our four step pet treatment allows for this difficulty.

Our processes for eliminating carpet odor involve thoroughly cleaning the affected area, not just dampening the scent with deodorizers. Our techniques are safe for your family. Thoroughly cleaning the pet spots, and eliminating the odors, can reduce the probability of your pet making the same mistake twice.

Choosing a carpet cleaning professional that doesn’t specialize in pet stains may have the same results as trying to clean the spots yourself–the spots look like they are clean, then several days later, the spot reappears in the form of a yellow or orange spot. Our efficient steam cleaning and extraction processes ensure that the odor and spot are gone forever.
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